Learning Experience Evaluation

Learning Experience Evaluations allow students to provide feedback on their academic experiences inside the classroom and support the continued improvement of teaching and learning at the University of Southern California.

Early in the semester, faculty receive an email inviting them to view their regularly scheduled evaluation windows. Faculty who teach more than one course will see a list of courses available for evaluations. They can choose to keep their default schedules or they can set different start dates. Faculty are encouraged to keep the scheduled end dates. Further instructions are included in the email.

On the start date of the evaluation, students receive emails requesting that they complete their evaluation(s). During the evaluation window, faculty should set aside class time to have their students fill out the surveys. The guidelines for classroom evaluation are provided in the Faculty FAQ section.

Faculty and students will receive email reminders from c-evals@usc.edu during the evaluation window. Faculty are encouraged to monitor their response rates and to send additional email reminders. The figure below shows the evaluation timeline.

  1. Faculty view or/set their evaluation windows and schedule a date for their in-class evaluation.
  2. Evaluation begins when the start date is reached. Students receive email requests.
  3. Faculty conduct their evaluations in class. Faculty and students receive email reminders from c-evals@usc.edu. 
  4. Evaluation ends when the end date is reached. The end date is usually the last date of class in the Student Information System.

Important Dates

The timetable below shows the general schedule for evaluations. This schedule is most accurate for courses in the main session (Session 001) except Summer. For more details view the Registration Calendar.

There are frequently asked questions for Student/Instructor & TA/Evaluation Coordinator & Departmental Personnel.

Instructor or Teaching Assistant

Evaluation Coordinator Personnel

Need more information? Explore course evaluation Survey, Process and Announcement. Please access the SharePoint site with your USC credentials.